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Hybrid Data Warehouse

Cloud technology didn’t disrupt data warehouses, the data did. If business requirements for analyzing data are pushing your on-premise data warehouses beyond existing capabilities, consider a hybrid warehouse approach. Cloud based big data platforms can integrate with on-premise warehouses to speed analysis of large volumes of data and extend support for analyzing unstructured data.

We have designed numerous, highly complex and governed enterprise warehouse platforms across many verticals. We understand their strengths, and their limits. We also understand data compliance and the security controls required to protect data both at rest and in flight. Building on that experience, we design next-generation cloud warehouse implementations that can take your analytics capabilities to the next level.

Below are some of the use cases we’ve encountered that were solved with a hybrid warehouse approach:

  • “Push out processing” for very large clickstream, email interaction and other log based data sets that can be aggregated quickly in the cloud to speed time to insight
  • Decreasing query times backing complicated data visualizations from minutes to seconds
  • Analyzing unstructured data from social media and online reviews for sentiment or other text based analysis
  • Training and testing machine learning algorithms in hours as opposed to days using on premise platforms

We’d love to brainstorm with your team about your data placement strategy and the possibilities that exist when leveraging a hybrid warehouse architecture.