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Proof of Concept

Starting with a POC to prove the value of your investment is never a bad idea. Building on lessons learned from past projects and leveraging latest technologies, we can implement a proof of concept for your organization designed around a specific use case.


Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, big data warehouse that handles complex queries against large volumes of structured data. It supports standard SQL and provides near seamless integration into your current processes. Starting at $.25 per hour and scaling to $1,000 per TB annually, it is a fraction of the cost of other solutions in the big data space.

Amazon Redshift Spectrum extends processing of standard Redshift by allowing queries to execute against large amounts of structured or unstructured data residing on low-cost, durable S3 storage. By decoupling compute from storage, you can scale each independently. You pay only for the queries you run. Data compression and data partitioning techniques will speed queries and lower cost.


Migrate Hadoop to AWS EMR. EMR is managed Hadoop framework that deploys as an elastic computing approach for processing large amounts of data. Low cost and secure S3 storage acts as the object store for EMR clusters that are priced according to time used. Use cases include ETL, machine learning, and large data set analysis.

We design our POC’s using the same security considerations and best practice approaches we use when designing a production system. A successful POC will meet your requirements to prove the concept and provide a solid foundation for migrating a pilot into production. Contact us to discuss jump starting your big data project.